“My vision is to create art that transcends borders and boxes. I want to collaborate and create with artists from all over the world while experimenting with all kinds of sounds and genres, making art that empowers human beings. Exploration and innovation are the key. There are infinite ideas in the air and it is up to us to grab them and turn them from something mystical into something material “

Why Roc Flowers?

Roc Flowers was a name that came to mind while I was sitting in the back of the car looking out the window. I was looking for something to sign my music with that didn’t have my actual birth name in it. My first name is Pietro, which means rock in italian, I simply didn’t like the aesthetic of the k so I took it out. I was looking for something that I could one day turn into a brand, from clothes to any type of accessory, food or even sustainable tiny homes. I wanted something that correlated directly to the law of duality and universal balance, I saw the rock and the flowers as a great contrast and the idea of flowers being born from a rock began to constantly fill my mind. The delicate, heavenly essence of flowers mixed with the earthly firmness of a rock is something that sends me into a place of creation, the concept for me is like a portal. I visualize the concept and it opens gates and ideas just begin to flow, it is almost like if the concept of the rock flowers is the diving board into the ocean of creation.

Hello everyone, welcome to my website. I am a 22 year old singer songwriter originally from Prato, Italy. I moved to the USA when I was only two years old because my father went there for work. My life has been full of traveling and moving from city to city, school to school and country to country. I spent time moving around from Greensboro, North Carolina to Chicago to Casablanca, Morocco and even Madrid, Spain. This childhood of constantly moving led me to learn at an early age the importance of being able to be alone and being at peace with it. I have always loved music and art in general but I believe lots of my creative instinct was suppressed by public school systems that didn’t encourage creativity or thinking outside the box. I began writing lyrics and making my first beats when I was around 16 years old simply as a hobby, something to do during my free time. I didn’t think much of it, I was a swimmer in both highschool and college so most of my time was spent either in class, doing homework or training. I graduated from Grimsley Highschool in Greensboro, North Carolina and went on to go swim at East Carolina University, my in person school was cut short due to the “pandemic” causing me to leave school during my second year and simply finish my degree online.

This was a blessing in disguise, it gave me the opportunity to leave the US and move to Florence, Italy. Florence was the stepping stone into the art world. I began feeling the desperate need to express myself by writing songs, poetry, painting, taking pictures and making beats. I decided that I wanted to put my heart into creating art and trying to make a living out of making music. At 20 years old I wrote my debut solo album “Always Searching for Freedom” which is scheduled for release in fall of 2022. I fell in love with creating and the past two years I have spent living between Florence and the Canary Islands. This mix of antique art and nature has been a huge pillar in my creation and has inspired me to try to create art that transcends time and space. I am into this for self-expression and to explore the depths of consciousness, I never want to be confined to a box either musically or artistically. I believe in the art of living, the constant search for inspiration and painting the canvas of life with our ideas and perspectives. This website will be used to share my music, collaborations with other artists, future projects, pictures, documentaries, merchandise and much more. Create in circles not boxes, create with your own vision, not with the need to please anyone else. Vision bisionnn visioooooooonnnn…infinite creation in the air.


Roc Flowers participated on several collaboration projects with international artists and musicians from various countries and genres like Fabrizio Bosso (jazz/Italy), Stefano De Donato (funk/Italy), Sonny King (hip hop/rap/USA), Ismaila Mbaye (ethnic/Senegal), Antonio Farao’ (jazz/Italy), Burcu Karadag (ethinic/Turkey), Mario Rosini (jazz-pop/Italy) and achieved multiple awards at the Global Music Award and a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2021.

  With his collaboration as Pablo Nannucci on the album “Music for Love Vol.1” he received a co-publishing agreement for “Cantabile 2.0” by the family of the great pianist and composer Michel Petrucciani for the lyrics and interpretation of that song, the license by Damian Marley and Universal Music for “Speak Life 3.0”, original song part of the Grammy Award winner album by Damian Marley, for his lyrics and interpretation, he also had his first original song published “Ego” in the same album.

  “Speak Life 3.0” received a nomination in the Rap/Hip Hop category at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. “Speak Life 3.0” music video was featured during NAMM 2021 in Los Angeles in the MarkBass program.